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A well-trained dog is a h​appy dog!

Group Training Classes

We offer a wide range of group training classes.  From Obedience to Rally and Fun Stuff in between. Check out some of our current offerings. In addition we are trying to get more classes together to offer more things for you and your dog to enjoy together.


Puppy Manners

This class is for the puppies who have graduated from Puppy Socialization but are too young to join the Obedience Level 1 class.  We will continue to build on the training that the puppies started in class.  This is a 45 minute class for those shorter attention spans.  Lasts for 4 weeks.  Cost is $75, must pre-register.


Training is FUNdamental

This is a class for dogs of any age. We will work on those obedience skills through games and fun activities.  A great opportunity for you and your dog to play and learn together. 

 This is a 1-hour class for 4 weeks.  Cost is $75, must pre-register.


Basic Obedience Level 1

This is a group class that offers beginning obedience. Focus, walking on the leash, place, sits, downs, stays, all of those skills you need to get a start on that well mannered pet that you desire. This is also good to get your dog used to working with you and maintaining focus with distractions of other people and dogs around.  A very fun and informative class. Open to dogs 6 months and older. One hour weekly for 6 weeks.  Cost is $150. must pre-register


Obedience Level 2

The next step up from Level 1. Perfect those leash skills, get better stays, and better all around responsiveness.  This is a fun course that can branch out toward competition or other skills. One hour weekly for 6 weeks. Cost is $150 must pre-register


Rally Levels 1 and 2

Learn all about the exciting sport of Rally.  Rally 1 will teach you about all of the signs used in a rally course, and how to perform them. Rally 2 perfects the perfrmance. This is an excellent and fun way to work on your obedience with your dog.  Classes are one hour weekly for 5 weeks. Cost is $125 for level 1 and 2. must pre-register


AKC Canine Good Citizen

We do all levels of Canine Good Citizen.  We have classes and then test,  Cost of the test is included in the class price.  Open to all dogs (1 year old+), for the advanced levels of CGC, (CGCA & CGCU) your dog must be registered with the AKC.  Mixed breed dogs can be registered for a small fee with the AKC under the Canine Partners program. Call for more details.  These are offical titles with the AKC.  Cost is $75 for each level, test is included in cost, must pre-register.

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